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Dive In: A Podcast for Career Development Professionals

Aug 24, 2020

In this episode, Dr. Candice Hargons, a licensed psychologist and founding director of the Center for Healing Racial Trauma, defines racial trauma, discusses emotional and physical symptoms of racial trauma, shares four levels of care, describes the impact racism has on people of color in the workplace, and provides advice for supporting students and clients experiencing this form of trauma.   

This episode is brought to you by Be Inspired Counseling and Consulting, a personal and professional development company specializing in career management and equity and inclusion consultations, workshops, and trainings.  To learn more about Be Inspired Counseling and Consulting, visit

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Connect with Dr. Hargons

Center for Healing Racial Trauma

Instagram: @drcandicenicole

Resources Mentioned

Liberate Meditation App

Black Lives Matter Meditation

Stamped by Dr. Ibram Kendi

Racial Healing Handbook by Dr. Anneliese Singh

Dr. Carlton Green

First of All by Dr. Candice Hargons

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