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Dive In: A Podcast for Career Development Professionals

Sep 7, 2020

Prior to the pandemic, women faced several challenges in the workplace.  Dr. Lauren Pasquarella Daley talks about how the pandemic has further exposed the issues women face.  In this episode, Dr. Daley and I talk about her work at Catalyst Inc., a global nonprofit committed to building workplaces that work for women.  She elaborates on the Women and the Future of Work Initiative including five strategies for creating an inclusive workplace.  Additionally, we discuss supporting women as they navigate bias, otherness, and additional inequities at work.    

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Resources Mentioned

Catalyst Inc.

Catalyst on Twitter: @catalystinc

Catalyst on Instagram: @catalystinc

Catalyst on LinkedIn: Catalyst Inc.

Covid-19: Women, Equity, and Inclusion in the Future of Work

American Association of University Women

National Women’s Law Center

The Chaos Theory of Careers: A New Perspective on Working in the Twenty-First Century by Robert Pryor and Jim Bright

Schlesinger, J. & Daley, L. (2016). Applying the chaos theory of careers as a framework for college career centers. Journal of Employment Counseling,53. 86-96. doi:10.1002/joec.12030.

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