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Dive In: A Podcast for Career Development Professionals

Jul 14, 2020

You’ve written a statement in support of the Black community.  So, what’s next?  In this episode, I challenge you to consider several areas where you can make personal and organizational changes to address racial injustices.  I address the importance of reflecting on your identity development and socialization; how your definition of work and career can influence your approach to serving clients and students; understanding how history impacts  your work; and the importance of looking at data and listening to the people you serve and your colleagues.  I also challenge you to think about your commitment and measures of accountability.  There’s a lot to consider in this episode, so get ready to reflect and act!   Download the Moving Beyond the Statement Guide to follow along.

Resources Mentioned

Episode 1: A Vision for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Kelvin Rutledge

Episode 3: Supporting Black Women at Work with Tiffany Waddell Tate

Episode 5: Career Work is Justice Work with Dr. Brian Hutchison

The Racial Healing Handbook, Dr. Anneliese Singh

Moving Beyond the Statement Guide

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